samantha hardcastleSamantha Hardcastle is an ambitious entrepreneur focused on online marketing for businesses of all sizes. She integrates her education in traditional marketing with her knowledge and passion for social media to deliver exemplary results for her clients.

In her formative years, Samantha began actively participating on the earliest social networks: bulletin boards (BBS). By the age of 10 she was blogging, using HTML to build websites and using the internet to interact with others who had similar interests. Needless to say, social networking became second nature.

Samantha graduated from Loyola University–Maryland in 2010 where she majored in Communications with a specialization in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor Marketing. She combined this education with her substantial experience in social media to launch into the developing field of social media marketing immediately upon graduation.

Now that Samantha owns her own business, she identifies with the daily obstacles small-medium business owners face. Her understanding allows her to work side by side with her clients to build a marketing campaign that effectively fulfills the client’s goals.

Amore Social is the solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to make the most. We focus on building real relationships between our client and their consumers. We have managed hundreds of businesses in a variety of industries and take every single thing we learn to move our clients forward. It is our goal to make it an affordable and accessible option, providing in-house level of attention without the in-house level cost.

Samantha works with businesses in myriad industries, but has a particular love for working with clients that coincide with her personal interests of cooking, travel, design and animals.