At Amore Social, one of the biggest takeaways from working with hundreds of businesses over the last 10 years is this: You can have the BEST marketing in the world, spend thousands of dollars on campaigns, influencers, ads, but nothing can save an uninspiring experience. There's no room in this crowded marketplace for the boring, stressful, confusing, or cookie-cutter. Meaningful experiences stand out in our minds and become a part of who we are.

We believe in unlocking the potential within your experience and bringing to the forefront your passion, purpose, and personality to create an unwavering, authentic experience that aligns your values with your ideal visitor or guest’s values and desires. Click here to read more about our services.


samantha hardcastleSamantha Hardcastle (Founder) 

Wanderlust is in my blood. My mother is a travel agent and my grandmother was an independent traveling photographer. I grew up hearing amazing stories about my mother and grandmother’s adventures around the globe. Their incredible explorations took them all over, from living with the eskimos in Alaska to watching the matadors in Spain. By age 15 I had already traveled cross-country, from NJ to California, taking in many of the most wonderful experiences the US has to offer. And now I have dedicated my life to seeing the rest of the world, one destination at a time. My thirst for adventure gets stronger by the minute! I travel to explore other cultures through culinary pursuits, nature & agriculture, music & theater, the arts, and whatever other surprises come my way. My biggest passion is creating and sharing unique experiences with other people who love to travel as much as I do.