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Samantha On Tourism & Hospitality

Wanderlust is in my blood. My mother is a travel agent and my grandmother was an independent traveling photographer, often published in National Geographics and the New York Times. I grew up hearing amazing stories about my mother and grandmother’s adventures around the globe. Their incredible explorations took them all over, from living with the eskimos in Alaska to watching the matadors in Spain. My #1 goal in life is to see the world, one place at a time.

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Samantha On Food & Beverage

I was making homemade pasta with my dad at age 3. Don’t judge the hair, it was the 80’s! When you grow up in a household that values real food, you continue to have that appreciation for the rest of your life. After college and moving back home to the rural Garden State, I became enamored with the farm-to-table movement. Working with farms, locally-sourcing restaurants, makers markets, distilleries and wineries just brought me deeper into a world that I wanted to be a part of.

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Samantha On the Customer-Driven Marketing Experience

I’ve always had a vivid imagination! In college, I was able to realize my skills when I took a product development class that inspired an extremely innovative mindset. Throughout the entire semester we were encouraged to go about our days observing our biggest frustrations and annoyances in our day-to-day activities. And then it was up to us to come up with ways to turn even the smallest of negative experiences around into something intuitive and enjoyable!

This way of thinking stuck with me after all these years. I didn’t even realize it until I started working with clients on their digital marketing, and I kept spotting all the ways their customer experience was falling flat. And more importantly, what it was costing them. Not only that, I could clearly see the potential of what their experience COULD be. Then it dawned on me: you could have the BEST marketing in the world, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaigns and influencers and ads, but nothing can save an uninspiring or flat-out poor customer experience.

So that’s when I stopped taking on marketing clients that hadn’t perfected their customer experience and started focusing more on how I could help them get it right. Amore Social has evolved over the last seven years, as I shift more towards a customer-driven marketing approach. This past year has been a year of “CX enlightenment” if you will, and I’m excited to share my skills, knowledge, and experience with you.