Amore Social was established in 2011, and since then we have witnessed social media evolve: becoming more crowded and overwhelming than ever before. This is why we're always working with our clients to stand out with a bold personality and sharp message that cuts through the clutter and gets right to the heart of your customers' desires. We pride ourselves in our ability to speak your customers' love language, with a keen understanding of what motivates today's multifaceted & ever-changing consumer. After working with hundreds of businesses over the last decade, we see these strategic, creative efforts pay off again & again.

samantha hardcastleSamantha Hardcastle (Founder) 

We specialize in hospitality & tourism because that's where our passions lie. Wanderlust is in my blood. My mother is a travel agent and my grandmother was a traveling photographer. I grew up hearing amazing stories about my mother and grandmother’s adventures around the globe. Their explorations took them all over, from living with the eskimos in Alaska to watching the matadors in Spain. By 15 I had already traveled cross-country from NJ to CA, taking in many of the most incredible experiences the states have to offer. And now I have dedicated my life to experiencing the rest of the world, one destination at a time.