Prior to September 2014, a luxury business travel magazine had always employed interns to manage their social media marketing. This was an issue because not only was there no one knowledgeable enough about social media to train them, interns often are a short term solution to a long term problem.

The result: low engagement on their social media channels and poor traffic to their website.

After coming up with a comprehensive social media strategy, the magazine saw major growth not only in engagement and awareness, but website traffic. When we compared the 6-month period working with Amore Social to the 6-month period prior, working with interns, the success is clear!


This yellow line marks where Amore Social began working with the client. No increase in ad budget was made during this time period, yet engagement was given a big boost.



Despite Facebook’s efforts to squash organic reach, the average reach per post more than tripled. This is due to more people engaging with the content.

Facebook Case Study

Web Traffic

Perhaps the most important metric for this client. While the number of their Facebook fans grew only 39%, traffic to the website from social media grew 159%! As a business that relies on advertisers, this is a big deal.
Facebook Case Study

What makes the difference?

I have been running social media marketing campaigns for 5 years now, and here’s what I believe makes a really great online presence.

  • Tone of voice: people want to have fun on social media. And even the most formal of businesses can afford to lighten up their tone. If you aren’t afraid to get a little creative and talk to them like a person, they will be more willing to talk back with you.
  • Consistency: When you have one person handling your messaging, your voice stays the same and people start to look out for your posts. But when your social media channels are changing hands every couple months, you lose that uniformity.
  • – Passion: The sad but true fact is your intern probably doesn’t care much about the success of your marketing campaign. Unless you plan on promoting them to Head Marketing Specialist sometime soon, they’re most likely only interested in getting some experience to put on their resume.
  • – Great Content: While this publication has great content, not every business can be a magazine or content-generating machine! But great content makes the difference between a mediocre and strong marketing campaign.
  • – Tried & True Tactics: When you know what works, you don’t waste valuable time trying things that you already know aren’t worth the effort.

While this case study focuses on Facebook, this client saw significant organic growth on their Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts as well – all contributing to greater awareness for their magazine and online publication. We couldn’t be more excited for the growth seen in the last 6 months and look forward to seeing even more growth in the following year.