Often times, business owners get so hung up on the number of likes and engagement of their social media profiles. You’ve heard the statistic that an average person sees over 600 ads/messages in a day. Over 600! It would be impossible for a person to acknowledge each and every ad (unless they had some kind of weird super power).  So why do you expect them to acknowledge your brand’s message on social media?

Engagement is not the only answer to the success of a social media campaign. Take for example, the behind the scenes metrics for a Facebook page that I manage. I’m looking at their engagement stats for last week. Facebook is telling me only 33 people liked/commented/shared the posts I shared last week. That’s not great, in fact that’s extremely unusual for this client and it probably has to do with the fact that we didn’t post much last week (only a few times). So does that mean only 33 people interacted with my client last week on Facebook? No, actually, 779 people did. So where did I pull that number from?

You have to remember that people are essentially “lurkers”. They see so many messages in a day, that they can’t comment and show their support for every single one. But when they see a message that catches their eye, they will click on it. And that’s where social media provides the most value: awareness.

These statistics are for a local restaurant. When you search for the restaurant in Google, their Facebook page is one of the first links to come up. So you can bet people are clicking through their Facebook page to see what dish looks the most appealing. Whether or not the restaurant is clean and serving up fresh food. I do it all the time! Do you? That’s where those post clicks are most likely coming from (in addition to when people see the post in the news feed).

So don’t get discouraged, just be smart about the numbers you’re tracking. If you’re sharing good content, people will pay attention to it.