Customer-Focused, Worth-Of-Mouth-Worthy Digital Marketing 

Where Fans, Likes, and Clicks Translate Into Profit For Food, Beverage, Hospitality & Tourism Businesses 

There are so many moving parts within a marketing campaign, it’s no wonder the majority of business owners throw up their hands and end up resorting to run-of-the-mill messaging & promotion. Unfortunately, that’s when people come to the conclusion that social media marketing doesn’t work. I get it!

But something remarkable happens when you have a team that is focused on creating compelling content and getting that content out to your most ideal customers in an engaging way. When this happens, you build a community of loyal customers that hang on your every word and do your selling for you! After all, isn’t “word of mouth” where most of your business is coming from?

There’s no big secret to getting your fans to translate into sales. When you’re focused on the customer and their journey, their wants & needs, and you go above and beyond to make them feel special, that’s when you really move the needle. And you can do it all on social media, without having to think about media buying and ad specs and yada yada!

So what are your customers saying about your marketing behind your back? That it’s fun and creative and amazingly helpful? Or that it’s salesy and uninspired and annoying? Don’t let mediocre marketing get in the way of you and your customer. Amore Social can help you get your digital marketing campaign running like a well oiled optimized machine!

Are you ready to go beyond the status-quo and start generating customers with your social media? Click here to learn more about my services. I work with businesses in a variety of industries, but listed below are my specialties.


food and beverage marketing
tourism hospitality marketing
Samantha has been instrumental in helping me put my best, social media foot forward. Her knowledge of best practices and ideas for implementing outreaches that garner attention have caused a valuable increase in social reach. I could not, or would not endeavor to do this without her.
– Joann (Chocolate Shop Owner) 
The marketing campaign has transformed our business. We were really struggling and without your efforts, we might not be in business today. Now we can count on a constant stream of customers. Thank you!
– Greg (Tubing, Kayak & Boat Tour Operator) 
I recommend Samantha very highly. She will increase your business without a doubt.
– John (Antiques Market Owner)