Social Media Management

Positioning your brand with personality and telling a powerful story that people resonate with: that's how you stand out and grow a raving fan-base on social media. We create social media campaigns that cut through the noise and connect through the heart by telling stories that people actually want to hear. This requires understanding people and their desires, lifestyle, and self-identity, so that we can speak their language and evoke emotion. 

Anyone can post on social media, but most businesses aren’t leveraging the true power of these online communities. Social is not about simply posting content every few days. It's not to be used as if it were a billboard. It’s about creating a movement, an engaged & sociable following that is loyal to your brand and spreads the word for you! We do this through micro creative campaigns that create consistent opportunities for connection and viral word-of-mouth moments.

We put together custom marketing packages for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that include:

  • Creative copy & stories
  • Visual curation of your feed
  • Organic growth strategies
  • Micro influencer outreach
  • Promotions & collaborations

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