What are the ingredients for a successful online presence in the culinary/beverage world?

In a recent survey, Zagat discovered 60% of avid diners across the U.S. say they browse food photos on social media. Among them, 75% say they have picked a place to eat based on these photos alone. And consumer preferences for specialty food products are growing at double digits. This says a lot about the current state of consumers and their love for food and beverages, no matter which side of the industry you’re on.

But how do you get your feed and content in front of the right people? And even if you can get your content in front of them, how can you persuade them to put down the phone, hop in the car, and dine at your establishment or pick up your product?

While I may not be much of a baker (too many measurements), I can tell you that there is a recipe to follow for an online campaign that gets foodies talking (and walking). THIS recipe has simple steps to follow, and it requires more personality than it does precision.

I work with all businesses in the food & beverage industry, including destination restaurants & eateries, specialty food shops, gourmet food makers & producers, farms & markets, wineries, breweries, distilleries, tea/coffee producers, and food trucks. So if that’s you, keep reading!

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love good food and drinks, and those who don’t care. 

Is your messaging being wasted on the wrong people? Knowing your customers and what they value is the starting point to a highly engaging, highly converting online presence. Combine that with a customer-focused experience, and you’re way ahead of the game. With food trends changing what seems like every second, this is incredibly important.

“The digital foodscape is the language of the Millennials and Gen Z” – Forbes

Strategic communication is essential for such a crowded and constantly changing industry. And whether you offer consumers a local dining/beverage experience or you have a specialty product to sell in stores/online, the important thing to remember is that your story will resonate with your ideal customers. But if you’re not telling it to the best of your ability, then you’re wasting your time.

The biggest problem is that people are bombarded with the same old food and beverage messaging and content all day long. The competition is fierce, and the consumers can be fickle. But a brand and marketing message that stands the test of time is not out of reach! In fact, it’s essential for the future of your business, and it’s 100% possible no matter how big or small you are.