What goes into designing a Customer Experience that exceeds expectations?

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Innovation and positioning are at the forefront of all CX initiatives. Here is an idea of the kind of work we will do together to get your Customer Experience working for you, not against you:

Deeply Analyze Your Target Market
Go deeper than the demographics of your current customers (as well as new profitable segments) and uncover their values, likes/dislikes, motivations, lifestyle, and how these key psychographics can be woven in to your Customer Experience
Create a Clear Customer Experience Vision
This purpose must be made clear to every employee through a simple, crisp statement of intent: a shared vision and aspiration that’s authentic and consistent with your business’s brand-value proposition
Customer Experience Upset Mitigation
Reviewing your current customer reviews and feedback is the best way to discover where you might be opening yourself up to customer frustration or disappointment, and we will come up with a plan of action to limit these along the customer journey
Break Free of the Boundaries of Your Industry
Explore your competitors’ experiences to expose holes in the industry standard and in turn, bring to light opportunities to elevate your own Customer Experience
Engage The Senses
Look for unique opportunities to engage all 5 senses in a way that surprises and delights your customer, keeping a close eye out for subconscious signals that can derail your Customer Experience
Incorporate Word-Of-Mouth-Worthy Elements
Uncover how trends, nostalgia, and prestige can be used throughout your experience, special events or packages to enhance the Customer Experience and spark serious word of mouth
Get Employees On Board
Develop a guide for your staff to follow that will enable them to capture your brand’s voice and personality, including a set of simple principles/standards to guide behavior all the way down to the front line
Promote Your New Customer Experience
Your new and improved Customer Experience is a valuable positioning tool that you can use to tell a story that travel & leisure customers can’t wait to be a part of

A Customer Experience strategy and plan isn’t a ‘nice to have’ in 2018. It’s a necessity for any business that wants long-term loyalty and success. Schedule a 30-minute discovery call now to find out how Amore Social can help you make a return on your Customer Experience investment: