food beverage marketing Samantha On Food & Beverage

I was making homemade pasta with my dad at age 3. Don’t judge the hair, it was 1991. When you grow up in a household that values real food, you continue to have that appreciation for the rest of your life. After college and moving back home to the rural Garden State, I became enamored with the farm-to-table movement. Working with farms, locally-sourcing restaurants, makers markets, distilleries and wineries just brought me deeper into a world that I wanted to be a part of.



tourism marketingSamantha On Tourism & Hospitality

Wanderlust is in my blood. My mother is a travel agent and my grandmother was an independent traveling photographer, often published in National Geographics and the New York Times. I grew up hearing amazing stories about my mother and grandmother’s adventures around the globe. Their incredible explorations took them all over, from living with the eskimos in Alaska to watching the matadors in Spain. My #1 goal in life is to see the world, one place at a time.



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Samantha On Business & Marketing

I was blogging and building websites before most kids even knew what a blog was. Looking back now, I have always been on the fringe of digital innovation. Timing was everything. I graduated in 2010 with a Communications degree with a specialization in advertising, public relations and a marketing minor, and it was right about that time that businesses were looking at social media thinking “hey, maybe this is a tool we can use.”

There were just a handful of blogs on the internet talking about it (Hello Social Media Examiner, established in 2009!), and so the self-teaching began. But there wasn’t much being said that I didn’t already know. So it became a matter of experience and trial and error. After working with over 100 different local businesses at a digital marketing agency at the Jersey Shore, I went my own way to take what I had learned and help the businesses I was most passionate about.

My aptitude for marketing communications was constantly evolving as my clients’ needs evolved. So when an Amore Social client couldn’t afford a photographer for quality photos to share on their social media, I bought a nice camera and started re-learning what my art teacher taught me in 11th grade photography class. And when an Amore Social client embraced ecommerce and needed to drive online sales, I spent hundreds of hours researching best practices and tactics for Facebook advertising. The “Jack-of-all-Trades” thing may not work for most people, but as an INTJ, my determination, confidence and strategic abilities allow me to do anything that I set my mind to. And even though there are some things I will shy away from (sorry video, I have not mastered you yet), digital marketing certainly keeps us all on our toes. Continued learning is an essential part of what I do, and my clients reap the rewards from it every day.