tourism marketingSamantha On Tourism & Hospitality

Wanderlust is in my blood. My mother is a travel agent and my grandmother was an independent traveling photographer, often published in National Geographics and the New York Times. I grew up hearing amazing stories about my mother and grandmother’s adventures around the globe. Their incredible explorations took them all over, from living with the eskimos in Alaska to watching the matadors in Spain. My #1 goal in life is to see the world, one place at a time.



food beverage marketing Samantha On Food & Beverage

I was making homemade pasta with my dad at age 3. Don’t judge the hair, it was the 80’s! When you grow up in a household that values real food, you continue to have that appreciation for the rest of your life. After college and moving back home to the rural Garden State, I became enamored with the farm-to-table movement. Working with farms, locally-sourcing restaurants, makers markets, distilleries and wineries just brought me deeper into a world that I wanted to be a part of.



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Samantha On Business & Marketing

I have worked with hundreds of businesses and have gone through eight years of trial and error, so that you don’t have to! More specifically, I have worked with bootstrapped local businesses, so I know how to make an impact on even the smallest of budgets. When I take what I have learned and run with it on a greater scale, the results are astounding!

You need a team member that’s able to get in the head of your ideal customer, and communicate with them in a way that draws them in… with some real personality! I write to elicit emotion, and I pick up on your most word-of-mouth-worthy selling points, to create raving fans that express their love for your business with their wallet. In order to stand out, you need people to think, feel, smile, and connect with your brand like they would a friend. That’s the kind of brands that people do business with.

My propensity for collaboration, and rallying your troops (AKA your best customers) is a non-salesy, customer-focused approach to generating business. I build marketing campaigns that focus on real people, and I have developed strategies that build on basic social media marketing to make the most of YOUR marketing dollars.