Did you know that 84% of small businesses using mobile marketing see an increase in new business activity? If you’ve already taken the first step and have registered your business in directories like Google Places and Foursquare, you’re probably wondering what else there is to do. Here are some inexpensive ways for small businesses to go mobile.

Create a Mobile Friendly Website

You can’t expect people to spend more than 5 seconds on your website if it isn’t mobile optimized. When someone pulls up your regular website on their phone, they have to zoom in, zoom out and navigate the tiny buttons on your navigation. It’s really a pain in the butt, and I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. It takes about 5-10 seconds before you realize that you’re going nowhere, fast. So think of how your customers feel! Provide them with an easy to maneuver website with BIG buttons, BIG text, and information they’re looking for. For example, people are probably interested in:

  • –   Testimonials & customer reviews
  • –   Maps, directions & contact information
  • –   Menus, services, or types of products and brands carried (and pricing, if you’re willing!)

From there, they can go ahead and make an educated decision about your business. Three separate pages on your mobile app – that’s all you need. Oh, and a “click to call” button is always nice. Currently, Google is offering free mobile websites for a year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, these websites are great and something you can most likely build yourself.

Create Enticing, Easy to Digest Content

Average Americans spend 2.7 hours a day “socializing” on a mobile device, and that includes the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. If you’re really amazing, you’ve built a strong social following full of local, potential customers. Now when they’re out and checking Facebook, there is a chance they will see your post! But is it a good post? What I mean is,

  • –   Will the post capture the attention of someone on their phone?
  • –   Is the post quick and easy to digest, or is it like reading a dictionary?
  • –   Does the post provide any value or incentive?

If you want to capture these mobile customers, you have to be strategic about it.  If you rely heavily on foot traffic, consider creating a social media posting strategy that converts fans into customers. If they’re on the road, they’re one step closer to your business than if they’re lazing around at home.

Invest in an Tablet for your Business

Okay I’ll admit it; I can’t stand playing around on my tiny smart phone screen. If I’m at a local business and they have an tablet set up with fast wifi and an interactive domain, that provides a lot of value to me. My advice: set up a hub where people can access industry specific review sites and helpful content that you have created to make their life easier. And by the way – you can get a tablet for under $100 these days!


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