Recently I was asked whether social media marketing could guarantee sales. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that social media marketing will have people flooding in the front door. But if you take a look at these statistics, you will begin to understand the power social media has on purchasing behavior. If you can create a social media presence correctly, the people will come.

What happens when someone follows a brand or business?

62% will usually or always consider the brand when in the market for a product

59% will usually or always buy the product or service from the brand

62% will usually or always recommend the brand to others [i]

51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy since becoming a fan/follower of a business [ii]

Consumers are 71% more likely to purchase a product when referred by social media [i]


31% of consumers are prompted to purchase after an online interaction with a brand. Click on all infographics to view full size.

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