Think about it: are your Facebook posts and tweets REALLY great? If your posts aren’t capturing someone’s attention, then there’s no point in posting or tweeting at all. Here are some things to think about next time you go to update your social networks.

1. Timing: Do you know what time your fans are on Facebook? Do you know what the best day is for engaging? There have been studies done that can give you a general idea, but the best way to find out is by looking at your previous posts’ analytics to find out when your specific fans are seeing your posts.

2. Brand voice: There is a lot that goes into developing a brand voice, what does yours sound like? Once you find yours, make sure it’s incorporated into every single one of your Facebook posts. Consistency is key.

3. Relevance: How relevant is your post to your audience? First, you have to consider who your audience is. If you’re posting about something that only 20 year-olds would know about to a bunch of 60 year-olds, you won’t get any response. Also keep in mind that the post should somehow relate to your business or industry. People have liked your business for a reason. If they want to talk about Britney Spears, they would go to TMZ’s Facebook page.

4. Entertainment value: the long and short of it – is this something that people are actually going to be interested in? Does it make people laugh, does it tug at the heart strings, does it make someone better at their job, does it provide ANY value whatsoever? If the answer is no, better head back to the drawing board.

5. Originality: Sure, you can re-post articles from newspapers and other blogs that pertain to your industry. But original content is great for several reasons.

 The first reason: you can host original content on your own website, instead of driving traffic to the newspaper’s website (because how does that benefit you at all?). Then, if your content is so great that it gets shared with friends, those friends will be driven to your website – fresh, new prospects.

The second reason: you can demonstrate your expertise. If you literally wrote the book on your industry, people are going to come to you when they need something done.

6. Promotion: one of the reasons people like or follow a business online is to get more information. Sometimes businesses get so caught up in the above rules that they forget to actually promote their business. Let your fans know about new products, sales, events, etc. Make your Facebook & Twitter page the window into your business.

7. Further response: will you be there if someone asks a question or comments back onto your post? If you can’t respond back to people, don’t even bother being on social media. It’s 2-way communication. How would you like it if someone started a conversation with you, then walked away?


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